Turn $1000 Into A Fortune With Revenue Sharing Rollblock; XRP Price Prediction & Kaspa (KAS) News

The crypto news of the moment is that the markets have taken a tumble, but sentiment is still standing bullish. Despite this, the XRP price prediction is still in the doldrums as XRP seems to be forced into submission by delays pertaining to the SEC lawsuit. Kaspa, on the other hand, is pushing ahead with a 200% growth expected in the next month, but even that is dwarfed compared to the expected 100x return once the Rollblock presale concludes.

XRP (XRP): Ripple’s Failure To Launch Blamed on SEC.

XRP could have been awesome. It was the right project for its time. The XRP price prediction went skywards, but then the SEC stepped in and used XRP as a test case to prove that cryptocurrencies are securities. The market reacted negatively to this crypto news. While other cryptos were trading freely, XRP’s investors adopted a wait-and-see approach. Now, it’s almost two years later, and the case is all but over. While XRP will return a winner, the XRP price prediction is rather dismal.

Looking at various crypto exchanges, their technical analysis has the XRP price prediction maxing out at $0.80 and even bottoming at $0.30.

Kaspa (KAS): 3x in a month?

Over the last year, Kaspa has come from nowhere to be the 23rd-largest crypto by market cap. On the face of it, this is not all that great. But Kaspa is the largest year-on-year grower of all top-40 coins, dwarfing even Pepe Coin. Kaspa is here and ready to take on the big boys, and the Kaspa crypto news is that Kaspa may just follow Solana’s trend and become a defacto contender for the preferred layer 1 solution.

Rollblock (RBLK): GambleFi Token To Explode Post Presale

Follow the crypto news, and you will see that it’s full of presale tokens which went nuclear once the tokens were released on the open markets. The new GambleFi token Rollblock is no different! The crypto news is that analysts predict that Rollblock will skyrocket at least 100x once its presale ends and that it will turn $1,000 into $100,000.

Rollblock is an investor’s opportunity to get in on one of the biggest sectors in the world: gambling. Worth over $100 billion per annum and a market cap well north of half a trillion dollars, gambling is the playground of the super-wealthy. And now, Rollblock is bringing that opportunity to the retail investor with the RBLK presale.

Rollblock’s RBLK token is the driving force behind its blockchain-based play-to-earn casino – with over 150 games, the Rollblock dApp has an array of play-to-earn activities for everyone, and it’s all powered by the Rollblock token.

Limited to only a billion tokens, Rollblock is deflationary, which means the price can only go up – a formula that worked for BNB! Getting in early on Rollblock will mean investors stand the best chance to maximize profits. And what’s more, RBLK token holders get paid weekly from the casino’s profits. And if that’s not enough, RBLK can even be staked for appreciable APY returns as a reward for providing liquidity to the platform, turning that $1,000 into an absolutely massive fortune.

It’s no wonder investors are scrambling to participate in this incredible investment opportunity poised to make millionaires out of many – crypto news does not get better than this!


While the XRP price prediction is not great, the crypto news is fantastic. Kaspa is stretching its legs and racing up the market cap ranks. Rollblock is drawing investor interest with its presale. Rollblock is now available at $0.015 during its third phase of presale. With over 60% of this phase already sold out, the chance to get RBLK tokens at this price is running out!

XRP And Kaspa are available on exchanges, while Rollblock is available from the website.

Get in on the early action of the Rollblock ($RBLK) presale today!

Website: https://presale.rollblock.io/

Socials: https://linktr.ee/rollblockcasino


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