Real Bitcoin Panic Yet to Come? Data Shows Altcoins with a 90% Chance to Rally Despite the Sell-off

Bitcoin’s price has been at the heart of the crypto buzz for a while now. The top crypto has not been as immune to the market surges as users expected. The mass sell-offs have affected the BTC price, pulling the token deeper into bearish waters.

And as expected, many altcoins are trading sideways because of Bitcoin’s dip. It might not last long, though; even certain tokens defy the odds. A new Ethereum DeFi project is surfacing in the crypto market, and it’s got everyone talking already.

First, here’s how the Bitcoin (BTC) token has been faring.

The Bitcoin Dip: ETF Overvaluation, MT Gox Settlements, and German Government Offload

Bitcoin launched the new year with a rally from its newly approved ETFs as the crypto-verse welcomed institution traders into the market. Those price movements led to an overbought situation on Bitcoin, as the token struggled to maintain its $73,000 ATH.

Other factors have intensified Bitcoin’s bearish price reversal lately, too. The now-defunct Mt Gox exchange has released some 3,000 BTCs into circulation to settle its traders after the exchange crashed about 10 years ago. With the traders most likely to sell the BTC deposits, it’s a poor time to hold Bitcoin.

The German government has also assessed the Bitcoin price position, deciding to sell its 41,700 BTC stash to avoid losses. These mass sell-offs will amplify an undesirable condition even more; Bitcoin could be in for some bearish days.

Bitcoin Price: The Future and Its Drivers

By all accounts, the Bitcoin price forecasts are not favorable to old investors. Forbes predicted a drop to $50,000 for Bitcoin, and it’s no wonder the holders are leaving the platform.

$60,000 was a psychological support level for the traders. Now that Bitcoin is trading at $56,410 without hopes for a short-term recovery, traders are looking at top altcoins expected to spike even among the chaos.

The Ethereum DeFi trading platform, RCO Finance, is one such altcoin.

RCO Finance has use cases in the trading sector, although most crypto users can also find other alternatives for profits. But first, RCO Finance’s features are related to getting the average trader to profitable levels.

RCO Finance: AI Revolution in Defi

Crypto traders are often neglected when it comes to creating innovative projects. While trading is straightforward, most developers just outright gloss over the pain points of the average DeFi trader.

Not RCO Finance, though. The platform has trader welfare at the center of its plans, from the revolutionary AI, Robo Advisor, to diverse trading assets you can choose from. Robo Advisor acts as your virtual assistant turned financial broker, as the program learns your trading habits before suggesting trading tips.

Because it leverages advanced programming and machine learning algorithms, Robo Advisor’s guidance is definitely of the highest possible quality. And with most top crypto coins in bearish zones, you will find the heads-up and detailed tips from RCO Finance’s AI helpful.

We also mentioned diverse trading assets. With RCO Finance, you can add digital assets to your portfolio, from shares to bonds and even Forex pairs. So, play to your strengths with RCO Finance today; the decentralized market is yours.

Get in through the RCO Finance Presale

The Robo Advisor tool will quickly change the tone among crypto traders, as its market insights and tips will aid market decisions.

However, before you can access the goodies on RCO Finance, you need to get your RCOF tokens. And the presale here is the only place you can get them now.

The tokens are worth $0.0127 each, and when they launch, you’ll gain some 3000% presale ROI. You get $30 on every $1 invested in the RCOF token. The best part is that this won’t be the end.

Even more, spikes could see RCOF pump by 1000x in the next few months as the project intends to have a token burn event that would pump the RCOF token’s value through scarcity.

So, today is the perfect moment to join the pre-sale and reap the rewards of the RCOF launch. By the end of the event, investors with holdings valued at $100 in today’s Stage 1 could get as much as $3,000.

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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