How Chimpzee (CHMPZ) Tokens and NFT Passports Can Boost Your Earnings

Chimpzee is a new crypto project that stands out with its mix of environmental conservation and financial incentives.

The project provides various methods to earn income and also contributes to a greater cause. And on top of that, it still has a very low market cap of just around $1 million.

Let’s dig deeper to understand about Chimpzee.

What does Chimpzee offer?

Chimpzee offers a platform that combines shopping, trading, and gaming. This is all while promoting environmental and animal welfare.

The Chimpzee Shop will allow users to purchase different merchandise. Each purchase not only contributes to environmental causes but also earns passive income in the form of CHMPZ coins. .

Chimpzee’s NFT Marketplace will be designed for users to trade environment-focused NFTs.

A portion of the trading fees is shared with the users, providing an additional income stream. The marketplace ensures that all projects listed are carefully scrutinized to prevent the duplication of collections.

This interactive game enables users to earn CHMPZ coins and premium prizes. Players can use their NFT passports or custom avatars to gain advantages in the game. The game’s theme is focused on stopping poachers and protecting forests.

Moreover, Chimpzee offers four types of NFT passports: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These passports provide the highest income, rewards, and benefits within the Chimpzee ecosystem.

They include staking rewards, CHMPZ tokens from merchandise purchases, a larger share of marketplace profits, game advantages, early access to NFTs, and a token burning mechanism to reduce supply.


Benefits of Chimpzee

Chimpzee’s platform is not just about earning; it’s about making a difference while securing financial growth.

Users can earn up to 20% APY by staking their NFTs. This provides a stable and attractive return on investment.

Earning CHMPZ tokens through various activities on the platform provides a steady income stream. These tokens can be used for purchases within the ecosystem.

Participants in the NFT marketplace can earn a portion of the trading fee profits.

Players with NFT passports or custom avatars can gain many advantages, leading to higher earnings of CHMPZ coins.

Early access to Diamond and Gold series NFTs allows users to maximize their rewards and benefits. The token burning mechanism helps reduce the supply of CHMPZ tokens.

Chimpzee is committed to donating a percentage of all profits to various environmental and animal protection organizations. This ensures that every transaction made on the platform contributes to a greater cause.

Detailed roadmap

Chimpzee’s roadmap outlines its plans for growth and development:

Chimpzee began by developing its business plan, launching the website and social communities, and conducting a smart contract audit. The $CHMPZ presale also started.

In the second phase, Chimpzee will focus on creating the marketplace platform and web app. Completing the presale and listing $CHMPZ on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko was a part of this phase as well. All of these steps were done successfully.

The team will also develop the Chimpzee Store and initiate marketing campaigns to attract more users.

Chimpzee plans to scale its operations by launching on centralized exchanges (CEX) and beta-launching the NFT marketplace. The token is already listed on some CEXes such as BitMart and MEXC.

Chimpzee will focus on advanced development, including creating an animated series and developing the play-to-earn game.


Chimpzee offers a mix of financial rewards and environmental conservation. This makes it an attractive platform for crypto lovers and eco-conscious individuals. With still low market cap, CHIMP has a potential room for growth from these levels.

With various ways to earn CHMPZ tokens and numerous benefits, Chimpzee would likely become an important project in the industry.


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